I am beginning this blog in order to create a space for free expression aimed to the improvement of the World.

The global thinking that Internet facilitates permits that all the people in the world can be thinking about a particular subject giving ideas that enrich the subject itself as an independent being, I have read the expression that «A million minds think much more powerfully than a single mind by itself no matter how powerful that single mind is» I think that it is a powerful idea, maybe it is not true absolutely as a single mind could play with privileged information that would break the scales. That’s what Isaac Newton stated when he told «If I have seen further it is only by standing on the shoulders of giants»

As I have not been so lucky yet to stand on the shoulders of giants I decided to start this blog to use Global thinking as the best alternative option. Such things as Lynux and Wikipedia were born in the same collaborative way.

Lately I saw two films, «The Inside Job» with Matt Damon as public figure and «Home» (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jqxENMKaeCU) the former focused on the financial issues and the latter in the environmental issues but both stating in a very close and easy to understand basis the interconnection of all things, the balance and how in the financial world the balance is broken by that Inside Job or corruption and the same happens in every layer of the World, that could be considered as an stable biological system, as an spherical human body.

Like an spiral, that unbalance on the equilibrium will become bigger and bigger until it will explode. In the case of the financial and political issues, the world has suffered hundreds of crisis that defines History and civilizations. In the case of environmental issues, It is the first time We face this problem that easily could make us disappear from the Earth in a short period of time as the modern dinosaurs able to break the natural equilibrium of the World depleting all its resources and the same as a Cancer damaging its vital organs.

The Human Kind is perfectly aware of the issue and extremely powerful initiatives are being held in powerful places such as UN with its UNEP program. But United Nations itself is very weak in front of a huge issue such as the unbalance of the biological equilibrium that permit us to live as humans and every step that can be take in help of UNEP or similar movements is, in my opinion, of vital value and I thought that a blog could be helpful and that’s why I begin this one.

From the beginning I state this blog is intended to be respectful, no imposition of ideas whatsoever, just a medium to channel any kind of ideas. I often see people attacking fiercely the capitalism as the root of the problem, and that’s something I want to avoid. Capitalism has been proven effective for society to thrive and to attack it as a devil it is not completely fair, I could tell the same of any other possible socio-economical system.

I wish it would be possible to define a no-named system; there wouldn’t be anything to attack such as communism, or capitalism but more than that, it could be much more flexible and easy to adapt to circumstances. A few days ago a guy told me in a bar «Because of Lynux, I have hope for the future» meaning that concept of a global free working, where the system is shared among all the planet and everyone is free to contribute to it with an idea or change.

I don’t want any idea, no matter how crazy it looks like, to be insulted; barter could look like stupid, like going back to middle ages, but, if We are open minded, in some markets, such us food, could be very useful, today We see people sharing cars, trips, exchanging a week in Venice for a week in New York, so obviously barter is not something to underestimate… and many much more creative and deep ideas than «intelligent barter markets» may come and I don’t want them to be disdained, at least not in this forum. I’d really like good ideas to thrive and make a mark upon the Earth.

So, over any political view, any religious view or any mental bias-making power, only based on respect and sharing of ideas and with the intention to help the World to be a better place to live with a sustainable civilization within the equilibrium of the enviroment, this forum is now created.


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