347 BC, Plato died after having criticized politicians as illness people.

What is illness for Plato?

You have reason, natural desires and will. When there’s a balance between three, you are virtuous, if not, your’re ill. For example, you have the natural desire of hunger and you are in the middle of a meeting, then your reason says «It’s not time for eating» and your will take the decision not to eat.

When the natural desire is over your will, there’s illness. The same if the will is over the natural desires, there’s illness (for example anorexia), only in the balance would be the virtue.

In the Nature World, we could use this very simple Plato thinking to explain what unbalance the equilibrium.

Sometimes, We as human beings do immense breakthroughs such as the manufacturing of nuclear bombs, our natural desire would make us use them to kill other people and have the power, but then the reason in form of scientist such as A. Einstein should say, no one single nuclear weapon should exist in Earth as We are still not able to control its power and our Will in the form of UN will establish a non proliferation treatment to state that. Equilibrium.

But, what about farming, what about fishing? what about cattle farming?
We know we are depleting some fish species, we know the livestock cannot be cultivated as plants without the weakening of animal species, we know that the use of petroleum fertilizers weakens the plants… the reason says reduce the fishing rhythm (increasing the price and reducing the consume), make healthy farming for human consumption and do not feed animals with food for people. Where’s the will?

We’re becoming a cancer to biosphere and through multilateral and holistic scientific investigation and a serious human Will based on UN we could stop being a cancer and become Earth friendly species.

Holistic means open minded, using global thinking and focusing the issue on several angles, not only focusing on Genetics, or Virus, but trying to understand all integrated as a whole.

Not long ago, I was in Spain in a conference within the Ramon Areces foundation about virus and with good criterion some of the world major virus experts stated that a virus should be considered into a economical and political environment, meaning that terrible cattle foot-and-mouth diseases were extremely linking on the modern techniques of animal farming before even speaking about the virus and the ADN

Then that fusion between science and common sense can be a powerful beginning to balance the reason with the natural desire to eat cheap meat.


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