6CO2+6H2O+2803KJ -> C6H12O6+6O2

We know two main sources of photosynthesis activity vegetations and phytoplankton. In the image, you can see the concentration of both elements on Earth. You can graphically see the lungs of Earth, our lungs as not all the species rely on the Oxygen cycle as much as We do.

«Home» movie talks about how Cyanobacteria appeared on Earth to change the planet, making it possible the appearance of new complex species over the Earth.

Obviously, We take it for granted to have free Oxygen for us in huge amounts but We have been alerted, the huge scientific advances permit us to understand that We can not take for granted that issue. If We perform nuclear tests in the Pacific islands justifying that there is no population there, We forget about that small «slaves» we have there producing the O2 we need to live, and if We kill them, there will be no substitutes for them. It’s OK, probably We didn’t know it or winning the Cold War was much more important than the Earth itself, but now, a few decades after, there are no excuses.

I think that Albert Einstein was thinking something like that when he regretted having collaborated with Manhattan Project, obviously he didn’t wanted Hitler to make it first but he saw it as a grenade in the hands of a 4 y.o. children conducting him to autodestruction http://www.history.com/videos/einstein-regret#einstein-einstein-and-the-atom-bomb

But this is not only a matter of Oxygen, it is a matter of food. All our energy comes from the sun and the vegetal world is the first one to take it and the the animals use the plants and other animals to survive, but economically the purest energy is inside the plants.

Then to eat animals is inefficient and that’s one of the reasons why the food market should be apart from other markets, to be able to make incentives to an efficient use of food instead of burning soy with market interests, I want to write an article about medicine, and other about food markets following the line of the article I wrote on Wednesday («the value of nothing») because understanding it is crucial. Why? Because It is the only way of feeding the humanity and not weakening the animal species, We have to have knowledge about the price of food, and in a sustainable way we can not eat very developed foods such as a delicious beef sirloin and we have to learn to use the less developed food such as  soy or pure grain, knowing that the fact of being less developed doesn’t mean being less nutritive.

I’m not a extreme defendant of vegetarianism, first I believe in equilibrium and balance and not in ism’s and second I’m a meat lover I terribly enjoy a Whopper but I have experienced with my body and a low calories high quality diet is a health insurance, and we need incentives to perform that kind of diet and as I stated the most pure energy aliments are plants.

As We all have the right to eat, maybe the solution would be to construct a social free food market backed by the State in parallel with a conventional food market to let people the freedom to invest its money in food that could be out of the free food market in the use of freedom, but in this market We should impose laws as hard as the non use of nuclear weapons laws, restricting for example the use of food to make fuel thinking in the sustainability of the planet.

Ok that’s all for today, sometimes going to the basis, to the photosynthesis process that permit us to live here, we can understand the complex issues of why are we sick as a civilization, where’s the root of our thickness… just that, lack of perspective, go to the basics, little «slaves», light of the sun transformed into O2 and Oxygenated Carbohydrates…


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