Desperate Suicide

Hi all, tonight a piece of news catch my eye and I wanted to share it with you for a minute…

A Greek musician committed suicide yesterday May 23rd, 2012, taking his mother with him to the other world and leaving the following note:

«My name is Antonios Perris. For 20 years I’ve been taking care of my 90-year-oldmother. For the past 3-4 years she’s been ill with Alzheimer’s disease and lately she has all kinds of schizophrenic attacks, and she has other health problems as well. The homes for the elderly do not accept such difficult patients. The problem is that I wasn’t farsighted enough to put sufficient money aside in my account, because suddenly the economic crisis broke out. Although I have quite some assets, which I have been selling for the lowest prices for quite a while, I am without cash and we do not have anything to eat anymore, and I already maxed out my credit card with its 22% interest, even though they borrow at 1%, and there are other expenses.

My life has turned into a constant drama.

2) Lately I’ve been facing serious health problems of my own.I see no solution ahead. Enough assets but no cash at all, and what can you do without food? Does anybody know a solution?

You powerful of the earth, you should be hung because of the economic crisis youcreated, and actually that would be a small punishment. All of them should be erased.

1) If you want to make this world a better place You have to change its structure,Before we are being swept away by the decline That will be the result of our inactivity.We are governed by traitors Bankers and loan sharks And all their minions R. So you have to hit them mercilessly Without compassion, before you disappear Otherwise you’ll be living in misery And in injustice forever So, mercilessly and without compassion, Until not one of them is left.

2) The commandment says “Thou shall not commit suicide” But you are being forced to kill yourself Hit them before they disappear you

Not acting is a crime

Let us not be patients any longer Of our moral inactivity Neither of our sluggishness»

I feel sad reading this letter… Some people could blame on him: suicide is always an act of lack of strength, I can’t see any honor in this act that was traditional in the Japanese samurai times. Indeed they prefered to die than to live as losers.

Entrepreneurs know that for something to work you have to fail a lot of times in most of the cases. Also to take his mother to the ground could be seen as cruelty…

Maybe he thought he lost his honor… Honor has been lost for all and in particular for the people he blame in his suicide note. But I can’t see that there’s a responsible. We’re all responsible for this. It is certainly terrible that a man like this one find himself in this agony and desperation.

I wish I had read his letter before. To answer him…There’s always a solution, but when all you see is desperation like an spiral movement, your brain only creates more desperation. As Einsteins said, you never solve a problem with the same kind of thoughts that created it, in this case,… money. You have to think beyond cash.

Yeah, the system is based on cash flows but if you’re desperated, get out of the flow, think about food… The nature give us away plenty of food. Oxygen is for free. I’m sure in Greece you have places where you can drink water for free. Barter, I’m sure you don’t need to act like a begger, probably a lot of people in better situation would exchange some fruit for some music…

It looks there was a escape but then I see the ages of 60, 90, Alzheimer… hard situation … when you’re all your life used to live with Equity and Money, maybe the easiest solution is what they did… They also gave us away a beautiful love story because could anyone think that he killed his mother just for the work that an Alzheimer’s patient generate? This terrible sacrifice if you look it deep inside is an act of love and desperation.

We have all a shared responsibility in this history as in many similar ones where desperation leads people to commit suicide or even worse acts. It is worst losing dignity than being killed and many people is carrying on with their lives without a piece of dignity. If they all decide not to suicide is because they are strong and probably know that they are powerful and can contribute to create a better world (and I think Antonios contributed with his suicide making others realize that We must change)

We are the banks. All is cyclical in Economy. They/We create money out of thin air because we, as society, defined it to be like that. Every case has to be considered individually, but with a system where money can be created out of thin air, we can’t permit just one person dying of starvation, just for lack of cash. I created this blog to look for solutions of any kind to this problem and more dangerous ones such as environmental sustainability, the only rule I stated was respect to any idea no matter how stupid it would seem, and I’m not going to impose any solution…  the problem is just in this, pride, in the eternal war of isms, communism says capitalism is the root of all evil and capitalism says comunism is the demon itself when in practice we see both systems need from the other. Why not looking for a fusion of both to make something much better? Why not to overpass both of them and create a flexible system, where Law works according to every situation. Yeah, Is is simpler to look people like Antonios live such dramas? And Antonios was a musician with equity that he was able to sell underpriced, can you imagine the drama of people without any equity and within a system incapable of giving them any means to earn cash?

Well, I don’t want to be pesimistic. The piece of news about Antonios’ suicide is quite breathtaking, but the good news is that at least we are in this crisis and we can make a better world starting within ourselves and starting now. In the 29’s as a friend of mine told me there was a great crisis very similar to this one, but only a few good man had access to all the information and manufactured the solutions, today you can understand the financial crisis just with free videos like this one

Very easy, true? And this makes every mind in the planet able to create solutions. I think that one of the first steps in this change would be to overlook the Natural Law stated by UN and apart from the Human Rights create a Universal Declaration of Human Obligations being probably the only one to look after the beings sharing the planet with you, for example Antonios and beyond Antonios, all human beings, animal species, vegetable species and Earth itself, luckily we still don’t have to go beyond as our scope of action doesn’t reach by now other planets, does it? 😉


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