What’s the meaning of life?


What’s the meaning of life?

We know for fact that we live in a universe of infinite stars rounding around the Sun and we know for sure that the sun will end up being a big red star long after the complete death of the planet we call Home.

We know for fact that we inhabit bodies that are as weak as they are perfect systems in their own, it leads us to think that we are eternal spirits using that bodies.

And then we create cultures and religion just to try together to understand the meaning of Life and to thrive together in this organized chaos.

What is our surprise that those cultures and organizations far away of unite us, tend to separate us. We are all the best and the others are the ones who don’t know. When will we be able to emancipate this and interlink together as brothers in thriving instead of enemies in the defending of our unique truth?

The more one study different cults the more one see the same background with many faces. I don’t think truth is the possession of anyone but I hope that there will be a time soon where we all interlink efforts as global brothers in the kind search for the meaning of life with total respect and collaboration within us and maybe just in this brotherhood within different cults, we will find the essence of this meaning of life.

Even in this hypothetical brotherhood of all human beings and even with respect for all forms of life in Earth beginning with the very planet, the feeling of loneliness and lost in the universe sometimes is huge and despite of that we all want to be the more rich, the more pretty, putting others down, being over others … for what? where this feeling of supremacy lies? In ignorance? Do our beloved capitalist system turn money into the only God and makes us loose ground? Do the Communist system turn control in the same and make us all slaves? Are we being successful in finding and implementing a common ground of mixed systems which would make us free and money just money, that is something to organize better the interactions between people of very different walks of life.

Given a second step and with a perfect economic system and living in brotherhood, are we now in peace? I don’t think so, the meaning of life is still veiled, we would just live in an advanced civilization that would die sooner or later and that’s the point where reason reach its limit.

I think we need to think with the spirit and the intuition even not knowing how. We see people we love die and there is no reason or set of religions that can make us understand those loses, only something spiritual inside us can understand vaguely what’s going on and ease the pain and if we don’t listen to that part of us I think we are doomed to tighten our face for the rest of our life just thinking that the meaning of life is something far reach for us or just the belonging of some religion.

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