Electricity vs Hydrogen Storage for Cars


Dear all,

I feel optimistic reading articles like this one (about little improvements in battery-for-car technologies if you don’t want to read it): http://www.greencarcongress.com/2013/02/liox-20130201.html

It is because it looks like the R&D efforts are aligned with sustainability and joining efforts we together will be able to find a sustainable economy where mobility creates zero indirect effects over our environment (All we emit, Earth digest smoothly)

I’d like to use this lines to give certain degree of opinion about a debate I am involved in during the last years. Which solution is better? Particularly, is it better to use Hydrogen moved vehicles or electricity moved vehicles?

My opinion is now in a place where there is no better or worse, everything moved towards sustainability adds up. This is like the Perfect Markets microeconomic behaviour, we would have an identical product (let’s call it clean energy) and no matter what is behind of this identical product, the competition for positioning clean energy in the market will create incentive forces for positive R&D, like the one dealt in the linked article, and this positive R&D will lead to better technologies and eventually better costs of energy for society (and planet).

In that way, Hydrogen or electricity can coexist and the competence between both solutions will  have a positive effect (and maybe the most important) in an automatic self-teaching that would be essential for society. What I want to express is that because of the marketing society, in his purchasing selections, would be interested in knowing the pros and cons of every technology and the implications in Earth’s Economy (No class attendance necessary to convey this important knowledge)

Since the Industrial Revolution of the 1800’s this is the first time Industry is aligned with the survival of our Ecosystem and this is a merit of us all as Society, I hope this convergence continues and no vested economic interest prevents it from happening. I have heard in Madrid both Nobel laureate Woodrow Clark II and professor Jeremy Rifkin put this whole process the name of «Third Industrial Revolution» both are very influential people in UN which shows that behind the curtains there’s always good people trying to move the show in the good direction.

I am positively hoped that this time, and due to the transparency and easy-to-share-ideas environment permitted by a free internet, the «evil» vested interests of the money-just-for -the-money will not interfere in the thrive of civilization, because whether we believe it or not, we are in a critical moment in which a good step will lead us to a sustainable growth situation and a wrong step would lead us to complete self-destruction (and without the cushion of the fossil fuels that we have depleted during the last centuries).

I’d like to end this article mentioning a third person I am grateful for this human industrial step into sustainability, Norman Foster, in concrete due to his leadership in the Masdar City project http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Masdar_City… I’d like to write some day a whole speech about this hoping project. It’s the same as hydrogen and electricity in transport but in complete habitats. the development of sustainable technologies for complete cities is now more than necessary for Humanity and this I think is a good beginning.

I hope I can continue talking about news like these in the future.


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