We need to do something about poverty in our System


It looks quite obvious  there are some truth in Phil Collins’ claim, «another day for us in paradise».

I find it insane to turn the head away when confronting with a face to face situation with poverty. I find it true worldwide but particularly in our modern societies.

Quite a lot of times I saw around Manhattan beggars in poor health conditions in front of billion dollar buildings.  Needless to say it’s not the billion dollar building where the problem is…

When you see a man in extreme a extreme condition as the ones related in the song, there are two possibilities: A person is on the streets because he or she chooses to do so… or the other one, he or she is not able to do anything else.

Here is where this vague idea of «kind of comunist centralized patch of a system» can be helpful in the design of  a capitalist «benefit-driven» healthy system.

This, I hope, must be the end of the dicotomy between Capitalism and Comunism and the beginning of a more powerful thinking: Creative Tailor Made Systems, CTMS.

This is just an idea I drop, let’s introduce a patch of centralized economy for people on the Streets creating an economy within an economy which gives these people HOPE and a feeling of self usefulness that we all as human beings need to feel like this, Human Beings.

With this idea I’m passing to you, I think I gained my day in Paradise (with Phil’s permission), can you say the same?


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