The Prince

Oh yeah, I am seeing what you are doing in your Chess party, what it looks like is just the tip of the iceberg

All strategic war moves are not linear but chaotically ordered

So, Machiavelli is always alive. Lies, death and lack of transparency are behind any big move. Power is still full of blood as it has always been. We are in the middle of the only chance to eradicate this.

If we want a sustainable society, first move is transparency, which we are reaching through the huge TIC revolution, and second move is fraternity, which should come as a conscious shift due to the transparency and easy access to self education.

As far as war and confrontation is the status quo, a big cancer is in the heart of many countries and the cancer extends quickly to every part of our society.

Common Sense Law is needed UN Human Rights must be at the heart of every Constitution and not only for every country but for all international relationships.

I think Ban Ki Moon is leading bravely the shift and every human being should support him as long as he is focusing on sustainability.


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