Help from the Gyre



Sustainability is also thinking about the legacy we give to future generations and thinking about the long-term effects of production over production itself.

The movie talks by itself about beauty and horror all in the same spot.

I was once told by a UN Director member that “environmental issues do not have the relevance they should because when UN employees leave New York for any reason they see good and clean forests and they tend to think the problem doesn’t exist”

That is correct, oceans are part of a living being we call Earth and they behave like our own bodies, when we eat badly toxins tend to accumulate in the liver to be digested, if we eat too badly, we die. Oceans has their currents and they tend to carry materials current whirlpools called gyres.

This first movie shows what happen to the inhabitants of this gyres, not humans but fishes and birds and the following video explains more technically the problem. Plastics are not easy to separate from water as they tend to dissolve in water and even if we would want to remove all the plastic we put in the oceans killing the ecosystems we couldn’t do it as it is not affordable by any economy. So the only solution is to stop it on origin whether changing the way we do bottling or changing Laws and incentives on recycling water.



I always remember when I was young and in Spain people used to take crystal bottles back to the market in exchange for a little extra money they previously overpaid in the acquisition.

This system is an example of a solution that can be affordable: continuously reusing the same bottle. I just let the idea reborn as an effective way to deal with the huge problem we are in, now it’s turn to Governments and Corporations to implement this or better ideas.



Another Ocean related nice movie for you to enjoy the beauty we are destroying:




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