First, let me state the problem, then I will tell you the solutions: Yesterday the world echoed a news about how a hack attack had almost checkmated many hospitals and companies around the world. You can see here the news: This is big news, some people blamed US government, some people blamed the NSA, […]

The Law

Law should set the floor for the sustainability by being flexible and sustainable itself. I received not so long ago an e-mail from a friend in the Basque Country claiming the death of the common sense in the Law due to several issues that recently have been happening around the world where it looked like […]

The Value of Nothing

The Colbert Report Get More: Daily Show Full Episodes,Indecision Political Humor,The Colbert Report on Facebook   Introduction I saw today this interesting video about how much a burger would cost if all the hidden costs would be taken into account. $200 looks like a lot, but according with common sense and the movie «Home» (  […]

Beginning-Origen (Español)

Yo comienzo este blog para crear un espacio de expresión libre destinado a la mejoría del Mundo. El pensamiento colectivo que Internet facilita permite que todas las personas del mundo puedan pensar en un tema particular aportando ideas que enriquezcan al mismo tema de discusión como si cobrase vida en sí mismo y se transformara […]