Back to the Start

Hace tiempo que debería haber escrito un ensayo sobre un tema de nuestros días como es la repoblación de zonas rurales abandonadas en España, sus pros, sus contras, como hacerlo, y mucho más. Pues bien, en 2011 me encontré hablando con un grupo de personas que se autodenominaban anti-sistema, más allá del quienes eran, os […]

Fall and Get up

Falling is a fact, how quick you get up is what measures your strength. Focusing your acts is paramount here. You’ll fall the same destroying the world as saving it. Save it and be prepare to fall and stand up back. Now it is time for stand ups. Anyway in this fight if we are […]

JornadaRSC: La Gestión Responsable de la Cadena de Suministro

Rob Weiss Acuerdo seguridad edificios e Incendios Acuerdo Legal entre 200 empresas internacionales Acuerdo industria inmobiliaria Motivo: hacer fábricas seguras en Bangladesh Seguridad y salud en fábricas que firman Compromisos de palabras de de hechos reales Inspecciones: publicación de los informes. Si no hay cumplimiento se publica y es un incentivo para el cumplimiento. Las […]

The Prince

Oh yeah, I am seeing what you are doing in your Chess party, what it looks like is just the tip of the iceberg All strategic war moves are not linear but chaotically ordered So, Machiavelli is always alive. Lies, death and lack of transparency are behind any big move. Power is still full of […]

Electricity vs Hydrogen Storage for Cars

Dear all, I feel optimistic reading articles like this one (about little improvements in battery-for-car technologies if you don’t want to read it): It is because it looks like the R&D efforts are aligned with sustainability and joining efforts we together will be able to find a sustainable economy where mobility creates zero indirect […]

CSR Corporate Social Responsibility

It was in Madrid. One of the most influential press Organizations in Europe, Unidad Editorial, organized in 2011 and 2012 two events regarding CSR in which many corporations were able to explain what they understand by CSR and what actions are they taking in CSR. In the end CSR is strategy itself, thinking in the […]

Desperate Suicide

Hi all, tonight a piece of news catch my eye and I wanted to share it with you for a minute… A Greek musician committed suicide yesterday May 23rd, 2012, taking his mother with him to the other world and leaving the following note: «My name is Antonios Perris. For 20 years I’ve been taking […]