Home is a gift




As I wrote here in the Statement of this site, this movie was with «The Inside Job» one of the reasons that pushed me to start working towards Sustainability.

I have read critics to PPR empire due to the fact that producing Home to give it for free looked like a self laundering image.

I would suggest you to watch the Robert Schiller’s lectures in Finance for free with Open Yale where he clearly exposes that it is a good thing that there are rich people as they can pull up the rest of the Economy.

Here what happens is the same. I want to say thanks to Salma Hayek in order to use their money and their power to make this possible with Luc Besson. Don’t forget She is behind PPR and they could expend their money in other things that making an impact with a movie like this who inspired millions to act.

And let me say that if Salma is as conscious as I think She is in sustainability matters, PPR is pushing hard in CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) efforts.

Those who criticised the fact of producing this movie had been better shut up. And I have to say now that I am not a personal friend with Salma and I don’t have shares of PPR, so I have not vested interests in what I say: «Watching this movie you can only say: ‘thanks to produce it, and thanks for selling it for free’, that’s all»

If you want to surf in the internet for more information about the film, here are some links:


Official Website of Home’s author

Youtube Channel, where you can find the movie in many languages


Here, the more recent film by the same author focusing on the ocean.


As there is no clear regulation and even seeing them facing extinction, We take them from the sea because it is easy money in our pockets, but in the future… what? (refering to unsustainable tuna fishing)







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